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Culloden Battlefield

Just before we got to Inverness, a side trip was taken to the battlefield which was to be the last battle fought between Scotland and England...

Battlement, Culloden Battlefield, 18.01.00 AD

This is one of the Scottish battlements as seen in the bottom drawing.

Culloden Cairn, Culloden Battlefield, 18.01.00

This is a cairn, built in the memory of those who died at the battle.

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The Battle of Culloden

This was also known as the Battle of Drummossie, April 16 1746. It was to see the Scots/Jacobites rallied under Charles "The Pretender" or "Bonnie Prince Charlie" against the English under William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.

This battle was to be a decisive for the English, the battle only lasting a mere forty minutes. the highlanders were weak and starving and uterly annihilated by British artillery. Not only this but Cumberland chased down and brutally slew every Scot he could who escaped the battlefield.

The reasons for victory was obvious, the Scots were starving and outnumbered and they had on idea of the effects of British cannons, in fact the first half of the battle was to bring Charles wondering what to do about all this. The problem too was that in a single cannon blow, a whole clan could be wiped out - this led to the extinction of many clans.

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Onto the capital of the Highlands, Inverness...

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