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Scottish Highlands

After spending two nights in Edinburgh, the journey continued, this time to the capital of the Highlands Inverness through the Scottish Highlands...

It was a wee difficult to point out the exact areas so basically they were taken between Edinburgh and Inverness, and between Inverness and Loch Lomond.

Highlands, 18.01.00

These are all pictures taken in the majestic Scottish Highlands, which give an idea how wind swept, barren and beautiful these rolling mountains are...and how cold they are...

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The Highlands

The Highlands are home to many Scottish towns and people alike. They also are the sites of many battles, clan conflicts and uprisings. Littered all throughout are the remnants of these such as castles and old fortifications, most of which aren't even on the map. The Highlanders, though being Scottish have some different customs compared to those of the "Lowlanders". There is also a "Scottish Olympics" if you can call it that, known as The Highland Games, where strength seems to be the main prerequisite.

These mountains are also used by the movie industry in movies such as Highlander and are an important tourist destination for all of Scotland due to the amount of people that come through.


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Onto the Culloden Battlefield...

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