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Going to New York City is a must-see to all those who go to North America - and forget the bad press about the city because it is excellent. Not many people realise this but here a few interesting points to be made which I learned along the way: New York City lies in the state of New York on the east coast of North America and was one of the thirteen original colonies, the state itself is one of the places you can see the mighty Niagra Falls, though crossing into Canada gives a better view. Crime in the city is surprisingly low after the Mayor Juliana introduced a 'zero tolerance policy' - there of course are the places you simply don't go to at night, ie Central Park, but this can be said about all major cities. NYC holds many of the 'mustdo mainstream tourism' icons such as one certain statue, as well as being the host to many sitcom's such as Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Becker, Spin City and Friends. It also holds some familiar movie scenes, particular from Ghostbusters - to which I included a section of...this page had to be divided into several parts because I went through about six films in the week I was here...these photos are in no particular order...





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