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Sherwood Forest

We now took a detour to the fabled Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest was a little different to what was portrayed in the Kevin Costner movie and I was saddened a little to see how humans had yet again destroyed a piece of history and legend. The tree's in the forest were not tall towering behemoths but rather shorter and sparse - though there were sections that did hold this value. It is good to see however, that some efforts have been made to restore this forest and protect what is left.

Major Oak, Sherwood Forest, 15.01.00

Major Oak - or whats left of it. The meeting place of Robin, Little John and his other Merry Men. Because of tourists and a number of other things plus the sheer age of it - this tree is now only standing because of supports. A repeat of Stonehenge can be seen - with people thinking it is amusing to carve their initials into the tree.

Contiki Group at Major Oak, 15.01.00

This is a portion of the group together with Aaron doing what he does comments necessary...a little story about Aaron, he travelled on another Contiki tour through Europe and now the UK, and his mission was to have a photo of his bum in every country he went not quite sure of what his wife, Mel, thought about this...

Contiki Group at Major Oak, 15.01.00 A.D.

The solitary tree of Major Oak, a last testament to the tale of Robin Hood.

Sherwood Gull, Sherwood Forest, 15.01.00

Here is one of the very few areas to which the forest is dark, tall and gloomy, and I love it and even had a treegasm with this tree. Note: the bowling shoes.

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Robin Hood and his Merry Men

Most know the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men but here is a brief summary of this tale.

Whilst Richard I (The Lionheart), King od England, was off killing people in the name of God (The Crusades), his brother, King John, was left to sit on the throne. John appointed to adminaster the shire of Nottingham a Sheriff who was cruel to his subjects - who were mainly peasants (or serfs). Due to his ways an uprising of people who couldnt pay their taxes, and thus outlawed, begun. These bandits came from Sherwood Forest and were led by a man named Robin Hood (or Robin of the Hood). Other men in his retinue were John Little ("Little John"), Will Scarlett and Friar Tuck. They revolted against the Sheriff and overthrew him - with Robin being greviously wounded in the battle. It is said that with his last ounce of strength he shot the arrow that was to mark his grave...

This is but one variation of the story to which I dont proclaim is the right version. Other versions have been adulterated by Hollywood and fiction - but this above story is the basic outline and holds elements that all of the tales hold. This like the Arthurian legend, holds a factual element, though there is not a lot of historical evidence to back it up. Though, it is very likely that such revolts did happen.

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On to the Viking Capital of York...

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