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Myself and the party of adventurers I was journeying with then left the cities of Westminster and London to head south west to the city of Windsor. The stay in Windsor was brief not allowing the time needed to explore the castle as the trip to Stonehenge needed to be begun in earnest...however, I did manage to embark on a mission to explore the outer castle grounds, have a minor Castlegasm (see end notes), explore a bit of the town and see Eton College...

Windsor Castle above the town of Windsor (taken from The Thames), 13.01.00

The first area of interest is the towering Windsor Castle. Though I didn't adventure into its confines just walking around the outside offers a great view. This was taken from the Thames River with my back to Eton College. The castle is more or less the centre point of the town and can be seen from quite a distance.

Windsor Castle Gatehouse, Windsor, 13.01.00

The gatehouse of a castle is one of its strong points, and is relied heavily on by those beseiged as a non breaking point. The gatehouse is often reinforced with a portcullis (an iron gate, seen in the picture) and barbican (small fortress on the outside of the moat) together with a twin set of towers usually lined with archers or a ballista (giant crossbow).

Windsor Castle, Side on View, 13.01.00

Windsor Castle, Side on View, 13.01.00

Hawkin's Bazaar, Windsor, 13.01.00 A.D.

One of the many smallish alleys of the town of Windsor - this photo was actually taken for Myles - because his last name is Hawkins - and this is Hawkin's Bazaar - anyway...I thought it was worthwhile the bottom right hand corner is the zoom of the 'Hawkin's Bazaar' sign...

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The History of Windsor, Windsor Castle and Eton College

The town of Windsor is thought to have come about in the 7th Century under Saxon rule. In the 11th Century before the Norman Conquest (1066 A.D.) it was a royal manor and where the Great Councils or England met. William the Conquerer, who led the Normans to the conquest of England together with his army commenced the construction of Windsor Castle. The Castle was strategically built on a motte (a hill), overlooking the Thames and prime hunting ground. It also guarded one of the roads to the capital of London.

Since its creation Windsor Castle has been inhabited by many monarch's both strengthening it in times of war or creating it as a more suitable place to live in times of peace, so the castle we see today is more of a colaboration of old and new.

Windsor is now a huge tourist center - tourists flocking to see the official residence of the Queen and Eton College where Prince William goes to school.

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On to the Salisbury Plains to visit Stonehenge and the Barrows...

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